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At Sticky Fingers Molasses we pride ourselves on supplying high-quality grade molasses that is used in a number of different industrial applications where both its binding and nutritional  beneficial properties have been very effective and used in innovating ways.

Our Molasses is a by-product liquid from sugar cane manufacturing and is used in everything from a rich energy feed source to a natural and environmentally friendly industry binder.

  We operate with old fashioned values and know that a good quality product, along with top notch customer service, is the key to a successful business both for us and for our customers. Molasses is becoming more and more relevant, as we see increase usages across all genres of business. We look forward to being West Coast Canada’s biggest supplier.

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Uses for Molasses
    In the past fifty years, agriculture and livestock production has become more resource-intensive and efficient. To keep up with the demand to birth, grow and nurture a healthy livestock, farmers have searched for and incorporated such things as molasses into their daily feed routines. Molasses is the byproduct of using the 3R principles reduce, reuse, recycle from the manufacturing of sugar cane and farmers have used molasses in their daily requirements for feeding. Molasses is the best source of sugars for farm animals. Adding molasses to dry feed provides a wide range of health benefits especially in gut health for your animals essentially increasing the quality of the feed you’re using by stimulating fiber digestions in the rumen and increasing dry matter intake. An important characteristic of molasses is its sweetening property and its taste which results in being particularly appreciated by the animal which increases the ingestion of feedstuffs that may not have good palatability. Adding high-quality molasses for dairy cows into the forage has been demonstrated to add key nutrients and make the fiber in your standard feed more digestible. In addition, the taste of our feed molasses improves appetite even during stressful periods ensuring a stabilized feed intake for your herd increasing milk production. On a microbial level, molasses increases the efficiency of the cow’s rumen, allowing them to further breakdown and get more nutrients out of your standard feed. This presents a real opportunity today as it did 50 years ago for improved animal nutrition leading to more energy and better performance from your animals with better meat and milk quality. This is also true for beef cattle and milking goats.
    If you are a horse lover, then we know that raising a horse is part of your livelihood and their health is of utmost importance to you. The number one rule for the well-being of a horse is a proper diet. We also know that your 4-legged best friend has a major sweet tooth!! Molasses contains 50% sugar, and our sugar cane molasses is lower in sucrose and higher in glucose and fructose making it an incredible direct energy source for your active horse to help them retain power and energy. Fed in moderation as a natural feed ingredient being from the plant origin, Sticky Fingers Molasses will sustain your horse through rigorous work routines, training, exercise and overall daily well-being. Molasses is a great nutritional source providing potassium and sodium which aids in the control of water absorption by organs, bones and muscles. Also, the same forms of natural sugar you find in your grazing grass are also found in molasses. When the season doesn’t allow good quality grazing, the daily addition of natural molasses fills the need for sugar in your horse’s diet. Our molasses also enhances and improves palatability and increases the quality of your feed. Any added supplement you feed to your horse should have the purest form of ingredients where there are no additives, and our Sticky Fingers Molasses is a sure way to get your horse what it needs for its diet at a minimal cost and in a pure form. After much research, the safe recommended and moderate level of molasses to be added to their diet should be between 3.5% - 5% of their daily total intake and should be divided between meals. Our 18kg pail is a perfect size for a month’s feeding of a horse that averages 500kg or 1100lb in weight.
    Molasses is used as microbiological energy source in a wide range of fermentation processes. It is used to grow yeasts, mold and bacteria which transform into alcohol, yeast, citric acid and food additives. Molasses is easy to incorporate into fermentations processes and represents a stable and predictable product to store and handle as needed.
  • RUM
    Where Sugar Cane grows, Molasses and Rum follow! In North America with the craft distillery movement, the use of molasses for fermentation has been found to be far superior to using alternatives such as dehydrated sugar cane, juice or sugar. The taste of most dark rums made from Molasses which are rich and complex in flavor follow the history of Molasses right back to the 1660’s where the traditional methods of creating has changed using modern innovations but the complex flavors and colors have carried on the same till today making it a global tradable good.
    Sugar Cane liquid Molasses is environmentally friendly and has a carbon free footprint which is designed to be a natural fertilizer providing a valuable source of macro nutrients. This natural fertilizer is also used to promote and enhance levels of beneficial micro-organisms in your soil bed to create a very safe and efficient solution to any store bought traditional, chemical and manufactured fertilizer. The means of fertilizing ground growth using naturally recycled products from ground growth is what entices professional farmers all the way down to the home hobby gardener to use our Molasses as their choice for fertilizer to promote plant growth. There is nothing harmful about our molasses so no need to protect any child or family pet from roaming in the gardens or running through your fields.
    Due to its unique characteristics, cane Molasses gives a consistent and stable performance as a binding agent for easier, safer and more efficient handling of fine metal powders. Molasses works effectively especially when recycled metals produce a significant amount of waste in the form of dusts or sludges which are too fine to handle without further processing. Using Molasses as a binder ensures the environment in which the employees and/or anyone else who comes into contact with that dust is safer.
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